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These beautiful moon calendars,  designed by Juliaro in association with Miranda Gray, have been reproduced in 7 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Croatian ) and in dedicated versions for the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern one.

This is our gift for all Moon Mothers of the world and for everybody who is passionated towards the Womb Blessing. These calendars will help to connect and sychronise each of us to the moon and also for not loosing any Worldwide Womb Blessing as dates and archetypcal meditations are indicated on them ;)

We are offering the web version of this calendar for free, for use as a screensaver.

Formulário web DOWNLOAD


We have also created a printable version of the calendar in high quality. This version costs € 8,00 Euros, and part of the proceeds will be donated to the  Womb Blessing organization of Miranda Gray.

ENGLISH Womb Blessing Calendar Lunar 2024 pdf to print

R$ 50,00Preço

  • This file is for personal use and can not be commercialized, You may not share the download link as it would violate our copyright.
    You can print as many as you want and give as gifts, but do not sell.

    Thank you for your understanding and I trust you.

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